Spring Bowling!

See the photos of our well some well deserved R&R….I mean “team building”. Good Food, Good Beer & Good Times…now we’ll just need to work on our bowling scores.    



Play Ball! To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, the Core family celebrated with our team and families at the Jimmy Buffet night at the Kane County Cougars Minor League baseball game. Great weather, great company, even better memory! Summer Storms: On July 11th, the Core Design Studio experienced a “brown-out” after a line of powerful storms…


Blizzard of 2011

“Snowmaggedon”, “Snowgasm”, “Snowpocalypse”, “Snow-MG! (snow-my-god),” and our local favorite “Snowprah Winfrey.” These are just a few of the nicknames flying around the Chicago area as the Blizzard of 2011 blanketed the region with powdery rage. Historically ranked as the 3rd worst storm in Chicago, it got a little too windy and snowy for the Windy City…


A Core Design Group New Year

With 2010 fading in the rear view mirror, we wanted to take a minute to consider all the ways we could express our gratitude to our clients and everything have meant to Core Design Group. After brainstorming, sketching and ideating a few clever ideas we decided to keep it simple and just come out and say it:…


Happy New Year

As all of us at Core Design Group welcome in a New Year, we look forward to an exciting and prosperous year in design. Cheers!

WHAT can Core Design Group do for me?

Research, ideation, sketches, floor plan studies, color roughs, final color computer renderings, walk-through animations, interactive animations, material specification, dimensioned elevations, color prints…and a pretty face if you need one for your presentation. For more information, please visit our extensive online portfolio at www.coredesigngroup.net