COLOR FINAL DESIGNS – Back9 Network HQ the process

Color Finals Designs: Due to the timing of the project, different areas or Zones were more of a priority. Though Zones were occasionally developed individually, Core maintained the original vision established during the inspiration and floor plan study phases throughout the entire design. This phase reflects the combination of all of these areas into to…


ROUGH CONCEPTS – Back9 Network HQ the process

Color Rough Concepts: After a few rounds of revisions, a hybrid floor plan solution was created based on a combination of elements from floor plan concept A & B. Using the feedback from the initial inspiration studies Core created Color Rough Concepts 3-dimensionally after modeling the entire 10th floor of the space.    It was…


Back9 Network Interior

       In the Fall of 2012, the Core Design Group design team was invited to design the worldwide headquarters of a start-up golf channel called “Back9 Network”. The start-up network and its investors, including Clint Eastwood and Ray Allen, were looking to establish a home base that reflected the personality, culture and prestige that would…


INSPIRATION – Back9 Network HQ the process

Inspiration Studies: Core Design was initially tasked with developing multiple inspiration studies for the look and overall feel of the space. Based on their solutions, Core’s inspirations studies caught the CEO’s eye. Believing that the Core Design team understood their goals and vision, they were asked to come up with a few floor plan concepts…


Drummer craft

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