The RULES of Exhibit Design – by Tyler Durden

The Rules of Exhibit Design: #1: You DO NOT TALK about Exhibit Design. #2: You DO NOT TALK about Exhibit Design! #3: If your client says “STOP” or goes limp, the project is OVER. #4: Only TWO bathroom breaks to a project. #5: One DEADLINE at a time. #6: No social life, no weekend plans.…


MAFIA III – 2K Exhibit Front & Center at e3 2016

The Core Design team worked in creative collaboration with Freddie Georges at FG/PG to create this showstopping e3 exhibit for 2K…which is no small task for an e3 audience who has seen it all.   To follow-up 2K’s success at e3 2015, 2K wanted to make a memorable impression with the debut of Maffia III at e3…


The Next Original Idea

  Living and working in a creative field, the creation and ownership of an original “idea” is a coveted and protected ideal. Everyone wants to have, create, provide or sell an original idea but not everyone has the resources or the talents to do so. As a result, the idea of originality is worth protecting, right? Who wants to…


It’s our Birthday! Core’s15th Anniversary

Core Design was founded in June 2001 by David Linderman and Rob Higgs. They began with the idea of providing their clients with a reliable, confidential and client focused creative experience. From day one, Dave & Rob provided their clients with a trade show exhibit & corporate environment design service that operated like a professional…