Zildjian – NAMM 50’x60′ Island Exhibit

Zildjian is one of the most recognizable names in percussion instruments. When Core was tasked to design their exhibit for NAMM, the Core Design team created an upscale hospitality experience that felt like an exclusive members only event. Percussion product displays, private meeting rooms and hospitality space aboard this double-deck exhibit design combined to create…


HYPERFINE – RSNA 20’x40′ Island Exhibit

The Core Design team was asked to design the new Hyperfine Exhibit to reveal a portable MRI at RSNA. The Core Design team created a dynamic and edgy space that combined video elements with large graphic branding elements that surrounded and literally “swooped” through the exhibit. Oversized “Meet Swoop” text invited attendees into a warm…


Medical Booth – 30’x60′ Island Exhibit

Working on medical and specifically pharmaceutical design projects create unique challenges. Working in client physical criteria, adhering to corporate and product brand criteria, Agency input and regulatory approval can add up to a challenging design process. This design showcases a balance of this input along with unique interactive elements, to create a unique and memorable…


Miele – IDS 44′ x 65′ Island Exhibit

The Core Design team was tasked with developing a branded space for Miele at the Interior Design Show that blended seamlessly with an established corporate branding guideline. Taking queues from both physical and graphic elements this unique and bold space that created a high end environment. Including both hands on vignette product demonstration and organized…


SUMO Digital Inline

The Core Design team designed this inline booth with a big personality for Sumo Digital. The UK based gaming company needed a 10×20 to showcase their talents at various shows. For more amazing designs like this visit our site at coredesigngroup.net or follow-us on Twitter at CoreDesigner 


Dematic 30’x60′ / 60’x80′ at PROMAT and MODEX

For this beautiful booth Dematic actually design 2 booths. The Main large booth would be mostly product while the smaller being the VIP areas. The team started by designing overall architectural language make both booths appear as one large booth. For more amazing designs like this visit our site at coredesigngroup.net or follow-us on Twitter at…


Unreal Engine at the GDC Show

Unreal Engine is one of the most diverse real time 3D creation tool that used by different industries create content and interactive experience. When Core was tasked to design this large exhibit, we jumped into into action creating a fun , party like booth as a destination with a large theater, game demos, photo ops,…


Jenzabar 30’x40′ Island Exhibit

Jenzabar want to be the “it” booth at the EDUCAUSE show, so the team at Core got to work to create this stunning booth. Large overhead video can be seen from all over the showhall drawing interest. Video pillars used to demo their new software to attendees. For more amazing designs like this visit our…