Creative Energy

Another week of intense creative energy looms. Time to harness the power, have some fun and meet the deadlines!

Project Spotlight: Body Glove Kiosk

This is a case study of a kiosk design we created for the Body Glove project. These images showcase a series of concepts we developed for the project prior to going to fabrication on the last concept shown below. For more design examples like this one, please visit us at:


Project Spotlight: Genomic Health

This is a case study of a design we created for the Genomic Health 40′ x 40′ Island Exhibit. This brief case study showcases the steps from concept sketch, color rough perspectives, and final color renderings. For more information, visit our process section at


Project Spotlight: Atari e3 Exhibt

This was a concept we developed for Atari based on their e3 100′ x 100′ Island Exhibit. The following views showcase some of the details developed for their new presence on show floor. For more design project examples like this one, visit us at


Design Tip#39: “Help us, Help you”

Consider researching and organizing any show regulations or event criteria up front and deliver them to your designer along with your design brief. Any designer worth their salt can research this information themselves, but it is a step that can be easily delegated to a team member who might have access to information that your…


Going on a Green diet

Like someone trying to lose weight on a diet of beer and pizza, has going Green taken an unrealistic turn within our industry? Part of our responsibility as designers is researching, exploring, suggesting and selecting materials that our designs will be built with. Green, Recycled or Renewable materials are no exception and we continue to…


Design Tip #38: “A penny saved is a penny earned”

As cheesy as the old saying may be, it rings true with your design fees. If you organize your project criteria up front and in writing, you will reduce design design costs by streamlining the design process from the start. As an added bonus, it will probably result in a more successful design solution!


Turning the Corner

(Originally posted in Fall 2009 Newsletter) As a freelance design firm, Core Design has a unique vantage point within our industry. As a result, we are frequently asked what trends we are seeing? The opinions and feelings about the current economic climate flow differently depending on the source, but there is no denying that the…