Project Spotlight: Cybex IHRSA

This 40′ x 40′ island exhibit design was created for Cybex. Our design team was faced with a challenge of designing a booth to match the “cool” of the products we would be showcasing. For more design project examples like this one, visit us at


Project Spotlight: Take Two

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to evolve our rendering solutions. Using our new Luxology rendering engine, check out these stunning renderings we are able to achieve on a recent projects. For more design project examples like these, visit us at  Lacoste Showroom – Entrance  Lacoste Showroom – Interior Lacoste…


How Do You Design on a Budget?

Have you ever tried shooting a free-throw at the amusement park? The rims are usually smaller in diameter, and a little lower. (I know because I used to work at one). Though your senses tell you it’s the same distance, the fact is it’s enough of a difference that you fight the muscle memory of…


A Core Design Group New Year

With 2010 fading in the rear view mirror, we wanted to take a minute to consider all the ways we could express our gratitude to our clients and everything have meant to Core Design Group. After brainstorming, sketching and ideating a few clever ideas we decided to keep it simple and just come out and say it:…

Details feedback

In case you haven’t heard we created a new service to help you reduce your upfront speculative design costs. We launched our service late this summer to considerable praise. Here is a sample of what people are saying: “Innovative” “Love it!” “This is a brilliant idea! Nice Work!!” “Very interesting concept. Site looks fantastic and…


Design Tip #41: “Start with a Sketch”

Stay loose. Start with a sketch…on actual paper. Seems simple, but too many time crunched designers fall into the same looks by “sketching in the computer”. No matter how hard you try, the process of creating within a CAD program will limit your ideas at a time when they should flow as easily and fluently…


Exhibit Designer – Position opening

Highly creative consulting exhibit design firm based in the west suburbs of Chicago seeks experienced exhibit designers for a mid to senior level exhibit design position. As an independent design firm in business for over nine years, we serve as the creative release valve to the exhibit industry. We offer our clients a reliable and…


Freelance Exhibit Design activity

Whew! We have seen some really incredible spikes in activity recently, and in that time we have turned out some really creative Exhibit Design Concepts that we are all proud of here at Core Design Group. We can’t wait to see our babies come to fruition and hit the show floor with style. If you want…