Design Tip #42: “Be Inspired”

To stay fresh and creative, try developing a simple “inspiration” board/study on the front end of a new project. Scan magazines, books, or explore internet content for creative solutions in architecture, interiors, product design, interior design and exhibit design that are not your own. By looking for creative inspiration outside of your usual circles at…


Blizzard of 2011

“Snowmaggedon”, “Snowgasm”, “Snowpocalypse”, “Snow-MG! (snow-my-god),” and our local favorite “Snowprah Winfrey.” These are just a few of the nicknames flying around the Chicago area as the Blizzard of 2011 blanketed the region with powdery rage. Historically ranked as the 3rd worst storm in Chicago, it got a little too windy and snowy for the Windy City…


Project Spotlight: Take Two

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to evolve our rendering solutions. Using our new Luxology rendering engine, check out these stunning renderings we are able to achieve on a recent projects. For more design project examples like these, visit us at  Lacoste Showroom – Entrance  Lacoste Showroom – Interior Lacoste…


How Do You Design on a Budget?

Have you ever tried shooting a free-throw at the amusement park? The rims are usually smaller in diameter, and a little lower. (I know because I used to work at one). Though your senses tell you it’s the same distance, the fact is it’s enough of a difference that you fight the muscle memory of…