Design Tip #45: “Avoid the Rut “

Anyone will tell you, once you’re in one they are hard to get out of. “Rut – noun, verb: a fixed or established mode of procedure, usually dull or unpromising.” Within its definition, lies the solution to avoid it. Steer clear of the usual and mundane. Change it up. Listen to different music while brainstorming.…


take+two: Clarks Shoes

Clarks Shoes

When approached to design a new exhibit for Clarks Shoes, we came up with multiple concepts. The first concept was curved with an organic flow, the second a linear with very clean lines

Curved Concept

Linear Concept


Play Ball! To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, the Core family celebrated with our team and families at the Jimmy Buffet night at the Kane County Cougars Minor League baseball game. Great weather, great company, even better memory! Summer Storms: On July 11th, the Core Design Studio experienced a “brown-out” after a line of powerful storms…


Design Tip #44: “It’s a material world”

Don’t get caught in the same material rut. Try and expand the number of “Crayons” you are drawing from. As designers, we find our comfort zone with certain vendors and finishes, but we need to remind ourselves to experiment with new materials to keep things fresh. Dig deep, be bold and unafraid. Who knows, you might…