MAFIA III – 2K Exhibit Front & Center at e3 2016

The Core Design team worked in creative collaboration with Freddie Georges at FG/PG to create this showstopping e3 exhibit for 2K…which is no small task for an e3 audience who has seen it all.   To follow-up 2K’s success at e3 2015, 2K wanted to make a memorable impression with the debut of Maffia III at e3…


Nailed It: Grip Rite Builds America

The Core Design team was tasked with developing three concepts that captured the rugged precision of the Grip-Rite brand, and I’d say we nailed it! These rough concepts show how the Core Design team can generate multiple, yet unique design concepts within tight time frames. While these concepts all carry a similar tone, reflected by…


Caffeinated: Nespresso …but first COFFEE!

Coffee is always an essential ingredient to all Core Designs, so this one really hit home. This warm & inviting exhibit design captured the Nespresso branding while incorporating clever materials and finish details that connected with their process.   For more amazing designs like this visit our site at or follow-us on Twitter at CoreDesigner…


League of Legends: In A League of Their Own

What a fun event to design for! In creative collaboration with Freddie Georges at FG/PG, the Core Design team developed a creative “journey” the the RIOT Games world of “League of Legends”. This fan-centric experience was designed as an immersive environment that took attendees through a technology driven user experience with design cues directly inspired…


The RULES of Exhibit Design – by Tyler Durden

The Rules of Exhibit Design: #1: You DO NOT TALK about Exhibit Design. #2: You DO NOT TALK about Exhibit Design! #3: If your client says “STOP” or goes limp, the project is OVER. #4: Only TWO bathroom breaks to a project. #5: One DEADLINE at a time. #6: No social life, no weekend plans.…